Leaving Time by Jodie Picoult

Find in catalogI would recommend this book on a couple of strong points: first, Picoult has done a lot of research (even including a bibliography at the end of her book) about elephants and their habits of mourning their dead, “child”-rearing, and history of interactions with humans. She includes both a fictional elephant sanctuary and a real one in Tennessee in her plot. Secondly, Picoult is always great with surprise twists and elements, and this book is no exception. She has chosen to include a psychic and some spirit guides as main characters who are welcomed into the search for a missing person, the mother of Jenna–left at 3 years old–and Jenna is hiring the psychic to find out if her mother is dead or alive. Three voices narrate the tale alternating between chapters: Jenna, her mother, and the psychic.


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