Deep, down, dark by Hector Tobar

Find in catalogTrue tale of heroism on the part of many, most of whom were stuck in a caved-in mine in Chile for several months with very little liquid or food, light or control of heat or cold. It seemed that all they had control of was their will, and their spirit, and how they would use their bodies in the small space and frustrating circumstances they found themselves in. None of the 33 trapped men were killed, injured, or lost, but all starved, and shared and denied themselves more than just a few teaspoons of food a day because for three weeks they did not even know if anyone was searching for them or if hope had been given up in the outside world. It was not easy and tempers flared, but their devotion to one another, to life, and to their spiritual beliefs kept them alive. Some only discovered a spiritual life while they were down there in such hellish conditions. Excellent reporting and side interviews of family members, politicians, etc., contribute to the day-by-day suspense and realistic drama of this true story.


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