China’s Second Continent: how a million migrants are building a new empire in Africa by Howard French

Find in catalogThis is an extremely well-researched account, told in the first person by a respected reporter, of a trip to many countries in Africa interviewing Chinese and Africans about the fact that Chinese are buying land and making deals with several countries to build needed infrastructure (hospitals, airports, highways) at discounted rates. This helps China to gain more employment for their citizens, and there is evidently some use of the land to grow and ship back to China rice and other foodstuffs. Private Chinese citizens are leaving their homes, with their newfound freedom to travel, and starting businesses in Africa, many with the hope to eventually return when they have made their ‘fortunes.’ The numbers and the dollar amounts are astounding, as is the thought that China is making diplomatic, economic, and political inroads with the various African governments while all of this is being accomplished. I did not have any idea about this trend that has been happening for some years now. It would seem that it has much portent for America’s future.



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