Cell: a novel by Stephen King

Find in catalogI came across this book after having reread Orwell’s 1984, and having read for the first time Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake trilogy this year.  I was looking for other novels dealing with (post)apocalyptic realities in a realistic/present way.  Although not nearly the same caliber of writing nor the same degree of societal critique, Cell is page-turner of a novel that explores the notion of an apocalypse in relation to everyday, modern technology.  Like King’s other books, the female characters are reduced to types and play secondary roles, and a palpable sexism is present throughout the work.  Those issues aside, however, I would recommend _Cell_ if you are looking for an engaging but not intellectually challenging read–for a long flight, a vacation, a rainy weekend.  I could very much imagine this novel being made into a film.  Like Mr. Mercedes, it seems like King writes his books already anticipating their adaptation into film, a characteristic which both increases popular interest in his works but also makes the endings a little too neatly wrapped up, in my opinion.  Still, I enjoyed Cell from start to finish, and it does dialogue with other apocalyptic literature in interesting ways.


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