The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet by Erin Dionne

The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named HamletHamlet is a good kid, a nice girl, an eighth grader with a miserable life because of her family. Her little sister, Dezzie, is seven, a genius, starting to attend Hamlet’s middle school, and Hamlet has to walk Dezzie to her classes and make sure she’s ok. Dezzie gets all the special attention, and Hamlet gets none. Her parents only care about Dezzie, not Hamlet, it seems. Both parents are college professors specializing in Shakespeare, and they dress and talk as if they were living in Shakespeare’s era, totally weird and embarrassing to Hamlet. Luckily, Hamlet has a great best friend, Ty, and she meets a great counselor at school. The wrong kind of girls befriend Dezzie and only pretend to be nice to her. There are plenty of problems and miseries for Hamlet. Happy ending. She ends up better off than she started out. It seems believable to me.

Reviewed by Kath-Ellen


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