A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd

A Snicker of MagicWhat Felicity Pickle and her little sister Frannie want is not to move any more. Their mom just keeps moving with them to one new town after another. Maybe this time it will be different, here in Midnight Gulch. This is a town that used to have lots of magic.

There are lots of magical happenings in this story, believable magic. Each person has special talents and gifts that do wonderful things. I felt so happy the whole time I was reading this book. There’s a lot of goodness and love here.

There’s suspense, too, right from the start. Will they stay? Can anyone convince Mama not to leave town and to stay here more than a couple of weeks? Who is Aunt Cleo’s old boyfriend really? Who is the secret Beedle? Where does Jonah get his information about the townspeople? Will Felicity’s dad come back? Will Jonah’s?

I loved this book because: 1) Felicity’s magic way with words is very special, 2) Right on Felicity’s first day at school, Jonah chooses to be here best friend, and he is a super great kid, 3) There’s lots of delicious ice cream in this story, and some of it is magical. and 4) From the very beginning we know there’s gong to be a big important duel in town, a kind of showdown. And when the time finally comes and the duel happens, it’s a surprising and wonderful one.

Reviewed by Kath-Ellen


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