I am America (and so can you!) by Stephen Colbert

I Am AmericaIf you’ve ever thought 30 minutes of Stephen Colbert’s quick wit is not enough, here you go – the perfect book for you placed on a silver platter by the author himself. In honor of his sense of humor; you should feel so lucky. Also if you check this out at the library, there’s a part just for us “People who borrow this book are not Heroes. They are no better than welfare queens mooching off the system like card-carrying library card-carriers. For the record, we’re not offering this book to libraries. No free rides.” So in response to that, thank you, know I feel like even more of a rebel for borrowing that book against his request. Does that make me more or less of a Colbert fan? Overall, I would say it’s an amazingly funny book, as long as you don’t take anything he says seriously! A friend once brought up the point that some people do actually hold the views that he spews and well that makes everything just a little scary since he’s so sarcastic and well so wrong that it’s funny, that I can’t imagine people holding his opinions!

Reviewed by Sora


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