Another Day in the Frontal Lobe: A brain surgeon exposes life on the inside by Katrina Firlik

Another Day in the Frontal LobeIf you’ve ever wondered what it is like to be a neurosurgeon, here’s your book! She has an extremely cut and dry method of getting down to the facts. She is smart and funny and not a bad author. It made this very exclusive branch of medicine seem more reachable and human. I am glad that I read it, and I certainly learned a lot about neurosurgery.

Downsides included her including patient’s potential for gratitude when deciding if surgery is worth it. Perhaps she was trying to bring up the question of whether the surgery actually did any good (which she did bring up in a clearer way) but by the second or third time it seemed as if the potential for being thanked by either the family or patient was the reason for doing something. I thought good people did things because they were good and not because they would be rewarded and honored for them. On a related note, she brought up how much they were getting paid for a patient’s care (really how much they weren’t getting paid for the patient’s care). I have read similar books detailing the life of this so-and-so doctor and they brought up salary as well but with a lot more tack. It was almost as if she had this selfish need to mention that in this or that particular case they were doing all this surgery, tests, scans, post-op care, etc all for nothing. And at least once this seeming objective fact was put right next to the part where she was deciding whether it was worth doing anything for the patient.

Reviewed by Sora


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