Super Pop! by Daniel Harmon

Super Pop!Holy trivia, Batman, this book of “pop culture top ten lists to help you win at trivia, survive in the wild, and make it through the holidays” doesn’t mess around! Great bathroom reading. Earmarked tons of pages, like “essential podcasts for aspiring know-it-alls” (gotta check out Lexicon Valley) and “history lessons that will keep you on the edge of your seat” (will The Ghost Map be my next book review?) There’s so much packed in here it’s hard to believe one man wrote it. And yet this aspiring know-it-all has seen only one factual error! You go, Daniel Harmon! (Not to be confused with the Dan Harmon who created TV show “Community,” which is in this book as well.) (“Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name–the best places to hang out for an hour.”)

Reviewed by Katie


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