History of the Rain by Niall Williams

History of the RainDo I get to do stars? Oh, I love to do stars. This novel get ***** out of ****.

The cover of this beautiful novel is a tumble of books. The first person narrative is intimate and elegant…and when you are all thoughtful and precious, SURPRISE! A wicked joke awaits. Just like life.

Everything is wet.

The protagonist, bedridden in a garret of a leaky attic, leafs through damp book after wet book, guessing at the meaning of notes in the washed out margins. Her father’s legacy. Her guide to life.

Everything is wet.

Filled with love. Humor. Sorrow. Sometimes not good enough is perfect.

Everything is wet.

One would love a bibliography of all these wet and wondrous and tumble of books mentioned.

Everything is wet.

And I have to wonder: do alien creatures think that Irish/Ireland are synonyms for wet?

Reviewed by A.J.


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