Backpacker: More Backcountry Cooking by Dorcas S. Miller

BackpackerI checked out a few backpacker cookbooks this summer for my trips, and I think this one is my favorite! It has everything so well organized – for example breakfast is separated into multiple recipes for cold breakfasts, frying pans, hot cereals, and bakes! The greatest hit, yet to date, was the breakfast burritos! This went so quickly, and we were talking about them for days! I foresee them being requested on ALL future trips! There are also many meals for lunches and dinners as well. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of their wonderful snack or dessert ideas, but I am glad I have them now! They also have soups and chowders that are perfect for the cold weather trips. In addition to their incredibly satisfying meals, they give tips on how to make all these wonderful meals possible in the backcountry. This particular cookbook also has a unique section on nutrition and dietary needs that I found really helpful!

Reviewed by Sora


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