Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out by Susan Kuklin

Beyond MagentaIn this thoughtful book, Kuklin shares the personal stories of six transgender youth. Each teen has a chapter in narrative format, mostly in their own voice, through extended interviews. You get the sense that Kuklin really spent time with these folks, really getting to know them on their own turf and without any judgment or preconceived notions. The narratives are very compelling–mainstream America has mostly accepted the idea of binary transition, but many of the stories in this book are about genderqueer youth, or youth who are binary but perhaps not in the “standard” way that people expect. As Cameron states on page 98, “gender is more fluid and more complex than society assumes.” I highly recommend this book to anybody who is interested in human diversity, and especially to trans* and gender-nonconforming youth just beginning to explore their identities. Plus, the photographs are gorgeous.

Reviewed by Charlie


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