I’d Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman

I'd Know You AnywhereImagine yourself “all grown up” but reliving emotional horrors of a fifteen year-old. Now, close your eyes and realize that the perpetrator is on death row. I do not know about you, but my heart beats with devastating horror each time Elizabeth or Eliza succumbs to the fears of the past. Yet, as I further read the layers of events during her lifetime, the rape, the abuse, the kidnapped girls, and the dreaded Walter Bowman, Elizabeth’s ‘spree killer’ and kidnapper, I begin to imagine Eliza (her name at age 15) was not so innocent after the McDonald’s incident. Perhaps the final forty-eight hours with Walter (416) coupled with crying Holly (416), it was crucial for Eliza to metamorphic into a catatonic victim. Whatever the case, life for Eliza became a living hell, from which, others in “I’d Know You Anywhere” hindered her absolute healing. Lippman took me a roller coaster ride of emotions, especially for the unsuspecting Barbara LaFortuny, who adamantly believes that sexual predators deserve a right to inflict distress on their victims at any cost. I recommend “I’d Know You Anywhere” by Laura Lippman, for the writing added further insight into the mind of groupies, victims, and the justice system. Enjoy reading the book in your favorite spot with a nice glass of Lemon Aid.

Reviewed by Deb


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