A First-Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links between Leadership and Mental Illness by Nassir Ghaemi

A First Rate MadnessThis book is an excellent analysis of the psychology history behind some of the greatest and influential leaders. I felt like Nassir was extremely knowledgeable about the subjects discussed in the book. I really appreciated all the included references and footnotes that demonstrate a well research book. I imagine researching historical figures that are so surrounded by mystery and separated by time can be very challenging and he made a point to stick to the facts.

I learned so much more about Lincoln, Churchill, Hitler, and Kennedy than was ever covered in the school room. I never knew about all the medical conditions Kennedy dealt with or the medication that were hurtful and helpful. Overall, Mr. Ghaemi does an incredible job of supporting his main thesis linking the presence of mental illness to a successful leadership in a time of crisis when others may be less successful.

Reviewed by Sarah


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