The New Codependency by Melody Beattie

The New CodependencyI just can’t recommend this book highly enough. The ‘baby-boomers’ probably remember the first major book on this topic about 30 years ago by the same author. And baby-boomers, who now may have grandchildren, adult children, elderly parents, friends, and others whom they love, could really take a new look at this book all about taking care of one’s own emotional needs.

New ideas to ponder from Ms. Beattie: one can be co-dependent without anyone else in the picture if one is not taking care of oneself! one doesn’t have to call oneself ‘codependent’ to benefit from the wisdom in these teachings! and the concept that guilt is a ‘stage of grief’ that often accompanies loss (“what could I have done to prevent this?”) – and one should be very careful as we often had no power to prevent the tragedies of life.

Helpful, short self-quizzes at the end of the book can be sources of affirmations (e.g., “I surrender to, and release, fear instead of letting fear turn into control.”) This book could make a valuable addition to a personal library.

Reviewed by Laura R.


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