The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine

The Female BrainI found this book amazing and I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It’s really important to understand one another and a major part of that understands how one’s brain works. I plan to read her The Male Brain book that she wrote. I found her extremely articulate when it came to describing the complex relationship between brain biochemistry (from structure to hormones) and human behavior. I think a lot less fights would occur if this book and the male one was required reading at some point during your life especially if you’re in a relationship.

One of my favorite examples is how a female patient of hers told her about her boyfriend’s desire to marry her but she wasn’t ready. When she finally was ready she informed her boyfriend and his response was something like “alright, that is good to know.” He didn’t seem excited at that moment, his facial expression was neutral, and he didn’t propose right there. She started questioning their relationship, if he actually had wanted to get married, ect. While in his head he was planning a romantic evening and the whole thing.

Reviewed by Sarah


One Response to The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine

  1. Laura Romeyn says:

    I agree this is important to our understanding. My favorite memory from it is that the drop in oxytocin and estrogen in older women probably signals that it’s time to quit taking care of the world and do whatever else one desires!

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