Extreme Medicine by Kevin Fong

Extreme MedicineWow! This was an incredible book and I enjoyed it immensely. He divided the chapters into chapters about fire, ice, water, space, etc. Extremely interesting! I was initially worried that the author, who holds degrees in medicine and astrophysics, would be far too complex and scientific to reach a general audience. Of course, that worry was misguided; he had a fun way of blending history, biology, scientific technologies and advances, and some personal stories, to make for a fun and informative read. I learned an awfully large amount without feeling like it was work! I especially enjoyed the chapters about space medicine and exploration; a subject that I honestly had always been interested in but did not know much about.

I felt like this was a good book since it took into account how far we have come in medicine. It is just amazing to read about the limits of our amazing bodies and how far we can and will go to save a life.

Reviewed by Sarah


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