Eat-Taste-Heal: an Ayurvedic guidebook and cookbook for modern living by Thomas Yarema

Eat-Taste-healEat-Taste-Heal is an absolute delight. I have known about Ayurvedic medicine since Dr. Vassant Lad came to my medical anthropology class in public health school back in the *’s. I was lucky enough to be his patient in the demomstartion and argued with him about my dosha. He insisted I was kapha, pure type; I thought then I was pitta because I was very mental and had just left medical school, I thought I was a failure. He saw differently and knew my true nature, love.

Now as I prepare to go back into the world I have been intuitively following the exact recommendations for Kapha – vegan, no rice, no gluten. I have lost lots of weight, begun doing yoga again and cooking great, tasty food. This book was my confirmation my choices were sound.

If you are into yoga and alternative healing, this book is for you. It is well written and can teach those of you who are not super intuitive the basics. I learned so much from this beautifully written winner of many book awards.

Maybe we can cook great Ayurvedic dishes together this summer?

I have been up since 4 am and have not stopped going all day. I have danced and laughed and gotten stuff done, and it is because of this diet that I have the energy to keep going.

Reviewed by Marianna Cathryn Glenday, MPH, MA


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