Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

flight behaviorExcellent. Kingsolver has taken the abstract, hard-to-grasp phenomenon of global warming, and made it personal to Dellarobbia and her family, who eke out their living in a rural logging community somewhere in the South. While climate change is of course widely discussed, I think one value in her book is in showing sympathetically why the ordinary citizen may be indifferent or perplexed. One of my favorite and funniest parts in the book comes when a well-intentioned environmentalist tries to persuade Dellarobbia to sign a pledge to reduce her carbon footprint. Going down the list of proposed actions – ride a bike for transportation, upgrade to energy-efficient appliances – it dawns on him, and us, how irrelevant these suggestions are to someone needing to get to work and get the kids shuffled around, someone always on the edge financially.

Reviewed by Sara V.


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