Wilson by A. Scott Berg

WilsonI highly recommend the biography of Woodrow Wilson written by A Scott Berg. The pages come alive with Berg’s recounting the highlights of Wilson’s life from childhood to death, from early strivings to ultimate victory of the highest office in the US.

The question answered is, what drove this person’s ambition to lead his fellow man?

We find in these pages a personal drive to succeed. A messianic purpose to lead and instruct to the better aims and purposes of his fellow man.

Famous Greek playwrights often allude to the weaknesses of great men that lead to their downfalls. In Wilson’s case, it was the sense of responsibility that he placed on his shoulders to seek a future world where countries would live in peace and harmony. His singleness of purpose and vision to his ideal of peace led him to make many compromises to the demands of the other allies to seek vengeance on Germany. Wilson’s ultimate concessions to the allies was a way to preserve the idea of the League of Nations–a focus for his achievement of world peace. The League of Nations was voted down in the US Congress. Ultimately, like Germany, Wilson left office a broken man in health and spirit–knowing that instead a world of peace–that the world was again heading in a direction to another world war.

Reviewed by Jane M.


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