Bomb: the race to build and steal the world’s most dangerous weapon by Steve Sheinkin

BombIf you like history and science this is the book for you. Everyone has heard of the atomic bomb, but how many of us really know what it is? We’ve heard about how destructive it is, but why was it created? Bomb tells us the history behind the discovery of splitting atoms. It tells us how important the discovery was with the war going on at the time.   It shares how and why it was so important to so many people and countries that they were the first to build a bomb using the science of splitting atoms.

I am not a huge fan of history usually, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I had no idea the number of people involved in the creation and use of the atomic bomb. Yet I found I did not want to put the book down. If I did I was certain that another country was going to build the bomb first (I know its crazy because I do know the history). Steve Sheinkin has a way of really bringing history to life.

Reviewed by Norene


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