Karma Gone Bad by Jenny Feldon

karma gone badHow far would you go for love? That was big on my mind as I read Jenny Feldon’s memoir of moving with her new husband to Hyderabad, India, for two years. For the first two thirds of the book, as she describes the chaos, the strangeness, and the isolation she felt as a housewife in India, I was super grateful I live in Eugene with my orderly life and that I did not have to move to be with my partner (and I love to travel!). The last third, when she comes to grips and peace with her life, finally made India seem enticing, and moving worthwhile.

I enjoyed the descriptions of India and her anecdotes of setting up house, relating to her driver, and learning to let go of her set ideals of what should be to embrace what is.

However, the part of the story I was most interested in–her marriage–got short shrift. It seemed like she and her husband never really talked–not before they left (about how it would be for them there), not during (as he was working all the time), and not even while they are contemplating divorce. I thought hearing how they worked things out could have been really interesting; instead, it seemed more like “And so I decided to change my mindset (granted, not a bad thing to do) and then all was well!” Still, this was a decent and fast read.

Reviewed by Katie


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