The Trapper’s Last Shot by John Yount

The Trapper's Last ShotA story that anyone who grew up on a farm or moved away from home can relate to.

This is a novel about two brothers, one a dirt-poor farmer who breaks his back in hopes of breaking even; the other, a returning soldier who coasts through life thanks to his book smarts and his connections.

By the end of this book, I was so hoping that Dan the farmer would catch a break and his wife would quit being such an evil shrew.

If you’re looking for a happy ending, this book is not for you. To author Yount’s credit, he’s able to create easily-relatable characters and a story that’ll make you laugh on one page and shake your head in disgust on the next.

The moral here–if there is one–in life, people will disappoint you, hard work will only get you so far, and don’t be too proud to accept help from family.

This book is worth a look.

Reviewed by JP


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