The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews

The Traveler's GiftThe Traveler’s Gift contains the imagination of an excellent writer, blended with a provoking element that most “self help” books offer.

I started to read this book wondering how a story can motivate me to think deeply about my intentions, emotions, and attitudes. However, the connection to learning (or re-learning) good life lessons and my attitudes toward “circumstances” was made very clear in the passing of each chapter.

As a woman, I enjoyed the book and the discoveries and travels David (lead character) endeavored. However, I would like to believe that this book is a wonderful book for any male who is needing encouragement. The male perspective of loosing control, job, and heart are so magnificently written, I often read chapters aloud with my husband present.

Being a Christian, I wondered if this book would become “new age” savvy. I looked for the progressive enlightenments with every leap David made. I was pleasantly surprised of the integrity of the writer when I read the last place David traveled to was Heaven.

I’ll not share the details, but I was inspired to freshen my view of circumstances and began to adjust my reactions to the situations I thought were bad.

I encourage everyone (male or female, Christian or not) to look at this book as a story; reserving the motivational content when desired and enjoying David’s life.

Reviewed by Teri


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