Starting Your Career as a Social Media Manager by Mark Story

Starting Your Career as a Social Media ManagerAs social media is fairly ephemeral and changes rapidly, any title on the subject is only relevant for a short amount of time. Unfortunately, this particular title was not useful or relevant even briefly, in this reviewer’s opinion. While the “case studies” were marginally interesting, inasmuch as they gave examples of various social media experts’ career paths, the book is devoid of really useful information for an emerging social media manager. The bulk of the book instructs the reader how to find a job using social media- not quite the same thing as making your job social media. Finally, in chapter 11, the reader is treated to a real-world scenario for creating and managing a social media program. However, the steps are glossed over and best practices in terms of content and participation are not explored. My recommendation: give this title a miss and check out Meredith Farkas’ Social Software in Libraries. Though it’s industry-specific and a bit dated, it’ll still be incredibly germane for anyone interested in actually building and managing social media business profiles.

Reviewed by Caroline


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