30-Minute Social Media Marketing by Susan Gunelius

30-minute Social Media MarketingAlthough this title is already over two years old, much of the information is still highly relevant. Social media platforms are constantly changing, but you can use the same basic marketing strategy. Gunelius begins by outlining the four pillars of reading/research, content creation, sharing/signal boosting, and discussion/participation. This simple advice is the foundation upon which to build your successful marketing strategy. From here, the author discusses concrete examples and potential strategies, then focuses on specific types of social media platforms. Finally, the author shares several sample marketing plans that take only 30 minutes. Presumably, a successful marketer would tackle several of these plans (indirect marketing, brand building, relationship-building, and word-of-mouth marketing, for example). The book ends with an excellent list of the rules of the Internet, both written (copyright and libel laws) and unwritten (don’t spam your followers). In my opinion, this book is a terrific primer for anyone interested in using social media to build or expand their business. There is a wealth of practical information and concrete strategies that you should supplement with LOTS of up-to-date research (read: exploration) of new platforms.

Reviewed by Caroline


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