The Rover by Joseph Conrad

The RoverOf all the Conrad books, The Rover is my favorite. From the world traveler finding a home overlooking this quiet bay, the lives that the islanders live were “born there, grew old there, die there” – a timeless old school “Island Life.”

Spending time as the “tide turns” in its simple ways in life is no-better told than Conrad here in “The Rover.”

You can almost smell the sea when Conrad writes his sea tale.

Reviewed by Rick


One Response to The Rover by Joseph Conrad

  1. Amyclae says:

    It’s too bad that some authors write such great books that the books become ‘Great’ and, subsequently, throttle appreciation that should go to the other efforts. Aldous Huxley, for instance, is best described to our average citizen as ‘the guy who wrote A Brave New World, which was sort of like 1984.’ I think the world would be better if Huxley was simply described with a few more titles to his name… And Conrad.

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