1,2,3…The Toddler Years: A Practical Guide for Parents and Caregivers – 3rd edition by Irene Van Der Zande

1, 2, 3... the toddler yearsIf you have a toddler, or an infant, this is a MUST READ for parents, especially first time ones. I would even suggest it for people thinking of having a child, so they can get an insider’s look in on the wonderful world of toddlers. It is a parenting class at your own pace in a fun and picture-filled updated 3rd edition.

This book discusses a lot of what toddlers are thinking, why they think it, and how to help them learn life skills and find independence while still maintaining a loving relationship in this sometimes difficult chapter of a child’s life. It also discusses how to handle situations like biting, power struggles, tantrums, toilet training, naps, and much more. My favorite part is how this book isn’t trying to sell you on a parenting style – they are teaching you how to establish a mutual respect and healthy boundaries with your children from the get go.

A few chapter title examples:
-I Can Understand More Than You Think
-For Toddlers There’s Only One Difference, and It’s Really Very Small (Sex Roles)
-Stop Feeling Guilty
-Out in Public
-Respect for Toddlers. What does this Mean and How Can We Make it Work?

Once again, most helpful book I have read out of a dozen in regards to psychology of parents and toddlers, and everything in between.  It has made me a better, more patient, and considerate parent of my 16 month old.

Reviewed by Nicole P.


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