The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce

unlikely pigrimageRetired from a brewery in England, Harold Fry lives with his unloving wife in Knightsbridge.  One day he receives a letter from a former co-worker informing him that she is dying of cancer.  Harold writes a reply and goes out to mail it.  A casual interchange with a  convenience store clerk causes Harold to begin a pilgrimage to see his friend.  He believes she will live as long as he walks.

As Harold walks, he reflects on his life with his wife and son and on his relationship with the co-worker he is walking to see.  Harold also begins to draw a following of eccentric characters who walk along with him.

Overall this is a  sweet story.  However, the discovery of the source of the problems in Harold’s life with both his wife and his coworker at the brewery are less revelations than a feeling of manipulation by the author.

Recommended to those who want a light, feel good sort of book.

Reviewed by Annie B.


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