Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities by Luke Dixon

Keeping Bees in Towns and CitiesWe don’t plan to keep bees, but we would like to host a hive through our local non-profits, Beyond Toxics and Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens. This book served as an excellent introduction to bees and the habits of their keepers. It helped me to identify five questions to ask the beekeeper to ensure a good fit for our neighbors and for us.

Dixon covers the essentials: choosing a hive; choosing a nucleus of bees; the life cycle of bees, and caring for the hive through the year. He has a valuable chapter on plants that bees love and the colorful pollen they collect from them, as well as twenty-three short examples of beekeeping in a variety of settings in mostly English speaking places around the globe. His book ends with a list of international web resources.

Dixon mentions that he began to explore beekeeeping when he needed “something quieter, more peaceful, more ‘natural’ in [his] life.” The peace he has found is evident in the pace of the book. It has just the right amount of information and an engaging balance between words and pictures.

Reviewed by Lily


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