Grave Misgivings by Kate Gallison

Grave MisgivingsI should have had grave misgivings reading this book, but I like mystery novels with smart female characters so I thought I would take a chance on this one.  It was one of the most poorly written mysteries I have ever read.  Evidently this is the third in a series about the indecisive sleuth, Mother Lavinia Grey, and this one centers on thefts of statuary from local cemeteries.  A young woman comes to town with her father and her grandmother’s ashes to search for her grandfather’s grave. The father is almost catatonic with repressed memories. The young woman confusingly acts childish one moment then adult the next. Mother Grey can’t figure out what to do about their situation or her own personal life.  None of the characters are sympathetic, and the story line falters at the end. There is a physical struggle with the ashes, people get locked in a freezer, and the girl suddenly falls in love with a stranger. It ought to have been written as a comedy. Instead, it was ridiculous.

Reviewed by Marilyn


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