Wedding Night by Sopie Kinsella

Wedding NightFlighty sister gets married to old flame after bad breakup from current partner; divorced sister does what she can to break them up. Typical Sophie Kinsella, and not one of her best. You have the air-headed character that you kinda hate and kinda root for, and shenanigans ensue before the happy ending that you see coming. Nevertheless, it wrapped it too abruptly, in my opinion. Some laughs, but worse character development than usual. Probably a good beach read, especially as part of it takes place on on a Greek island.

Reviewed by Jennie


One Response to Wedding Night by Sopie Kinsella

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to add that there were two things that really bugged me in this book–
    1. The author constantly would say one thing and then repeat it again with emphasis the very next sentence. It drove me crazy. IT DROVE ME CRAZY. Sometimes there would be three examples on one page!
    2. There were a few minor details regarding air travel that were so nonsensical it took me out of the story. One character wondered several times whether a rich character had a private jet. Yet that person knew the rich guy was traveling on a regular airline. Why would you travel that way if you had a private jet? And at one point a flight attendant makes a big point of saying anything could be in a character’s suitcase, and he can’t leave it behind. Has that suitcase not been through security and X-rayed?

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