The Professional by Robert Parker

Find in catalogThe Professional is one of the “Spenser” series of detective stories, but after having read about 10, this is not one I would recommend. The familiar wit, abundant self confidence of Spenser, and his delicious sounding meals are still components of the story, but the plot seems tedious and the book too long.  The plot revolves around a playboy who blackmails the women he seduces, and 4 women in particular who jointly hire Spenser to “make him stop” before their marriages to rich husbands are ruined!  Sounds cute, but the resolution was a bit dreary, despite the other things about Spenser stories that I usually do enjoy, such as the thoughtful and sexy repartee’ between the hardboiled detective and his psychologist girlfriend. This is a later one in the series so the two are fully committed and there is none of the tension of unrequited love in this one. I really like the Spenser, Hawk, and Susan characters, but I would rather recommend others in the series, such as Catskill Eagle or God Bless the Child.

Reviewed by Lola


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