Plug-in Hybrids: the cars that will recharge America by Sherry Boschert

Plug-in HybridsI appreciated this book, and I learned what the authors in about 2005 thought of the future of plug-in hybrids. I also got more clear on the 3 categories that were being compared: hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and purely electric vehicles. One good note is that if you have a hybrid, it can be retrofitted to become a plug-in if that is attracting you these days. I think the future is now, and gas has reached a price where a plug-in will repay the extra cost of itself (being a little more spendy than simple hybrids) in just a few years, depending on how much you drive. One small detraction on this book is that it is not written for the average science/technically-challenged reader. I skimmed over much of the history and science, but still was glad I checked it out. We’re lucky to be in a state that is really increasing its infrastructure support for new technology of this type.

Reviewed by Lola


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