The Willamette River Field Guide by Travis Williams

I admit it. This summer I’ve been learning about things that help to anchor me in place. This field guide to the Willamette has been a good way to learn about my home.

The book describes the river as a whole and how to experience it first hand. It describes the river’s history, its current status, and various trips and visits to and on the river. It discusses significant issues, such as flooding, endangered species, and riparian restoration. The book begins at the Willamette’s headwaters, teaches about environmental issues, describes areas of interest and how to access them by land or by boat. It also includes sidebars with discussion focused on the flora (e.g. black cottonwood, wapato, Pacific madrone) and fauna (e.g. bull trout, beavers, freshwater mussels) of the river.

In short, I picked up this book specifically to learn about the headwaters of the Willamette, but learned a great deal more. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Lily


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