American Sniper: the autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history by Chris Kyle

I read this so I could walk my talk about being open-minded and out of curiosity about just what is inside a sniper’s head. This is the autobiography of our American Navy Seal who has the most confirmed kills. I quickly found I was not interested in the details of the weapons nor the fights; I focused on finding his statements of beliefs and emotions, as well as the lengthy thoughts by his wife, who along with their sons, lived through his being deployed four separate times over several years. The focus on his wife’s experience definitely gave both sides of the story more definition.

Mr. Kyle loved his job and believed every single kill target was evil and deserved to die. He drew the line at killing a child who was used by adults to have a grenade. He successfully defused that situation.

I was surprised to also see Mr. Kyle say he had fun.  Frankly, the book literally gave me a nightmare the night after finishing reading it: I dreamed about an environment where ‘an eye for an eye’ is followed as the rule.  I won’t be as quick to take on books for the reason of being open-minded in the future, but it was an interesting look into the mind of someone who believes himself to be honest and upright and totally different from me. While I gained understanding, I cannot say I gained any sympathy, except for the loss of his friends who died.

Reviewed by Grace


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